Silent Scapes | audiovisual mapping installation

Silent scapes is a particularly kind of video-mapping installation specific created for the exhibition of the architectural projects of Politeconico di Piacenza’s students.

The surface that we used for the projection were the students’ volumetric models,┬ánot the common front of a building; and what we tried to do was to analyze all the technical and conceptual students’ artworks trying to transport all this information in an emotional audio-video performance.

The exhibition is disclosed as a continuous investigative process, with the purpose of discovering and expressing the essence of the architectural approach that has been applied to three different dialogs between context and architecture.

BHPG6T-Silent scapes-13

IWXGLJ-Silent scapes-15

3QOAA9-Silent scapes-10

Commissioned by Politecnico di Milano sede di Piacenza

Coordination: Juan Carlos Dall’Asta