Ettore Majorana | Cronaca di infinite scomparse


“Ettore Majorana. Cronaca di infinite scomparse” is a new lyric opera produced by OPERA LOMBARDIA (a brand that groups together 5 important teathers as: Fondazione Donizetti di Bergamo, Teatro Grande di Brescia, Teatro Sociale di Como, Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona e Teatro Fraschini di Pavia) for the opening of season 2017-2018.

The Opera recounts the last moments of Ettore majorana’s life, one of the world most brilliant physic in ‘900, and mysteriously disappeared in 1938 without leaving any traces.

The semi-circularity of the story introduces a new version of Majorana’s end in any scene of the opera; maybe he decided to drown in the ocean, or to become an homeless, or maybe he was kidnap by the nazists, or he decided to run away in south america. Ther is a lot versions about this disappearance, this opera try to explore them all in a new immersive and dynamic show made with the perfect mix between music,sung, acting and also video scenography.

Studio Antimateria, after a few months of work directly execute with the director Stefano Simone Pintor, developed all the video scenography contents: from the sea landscape view from the ship, to all the abstract spaces of the opera.

Our studio also followed the liveshow of the opera in all the italian tournée; using 5 videoprojector: three 18.000ansilumen for the videomapping of almost all the theater boxes, one 10.000 ansi for the stage retroprojection and finally one 5.000 ansi dedicated to addictional parts of the scenography.