Antimateria (antimatter) is the intangible substance through which it’s possible to demonstrate the fundamental symmetry: for each particle correspond an anti-particle. When the two essences are close and in the same environment, the anti-particles disappear for annihilation, they are ephemeral.

An emotion represents an instant of antimateria, an ephemeral moment able to stress a person and prime a reaction. The visual art is a contemporary way of ephemeral expression in which the light gives life and animates the space; it is able to modify the perception untouchably becoming the actor that prime that reaction.


Studio Antimateria realizes innovative ideas and products through the digital arts and the new technologies aesthetics, putting them in an ephemeral, minimal appearance constantly related to the contemporary era, and making use of a multi-disciplinary team that could organically deal with every new medium.
Studio Antimateria intends to make perceivable what is massless and shapeless, namely human emotion, showing it off as an object of art as far as possibile free from disciplinary or cultural boundaries, synchronically stimulating the perception in a strong correlation with the present time.


Studio Antimateria was born in 2012, when the two founders, Stefano Caimi and Marco Salvi,
started to question themselves about the potential interactions between contemporary art and new technologies.
From VJ sets designed for clubs, through greater complexity productions, such as video-mappings, live-performances, installations and custom software developments, Studio Antimateria is constantly looking for contaminations which could give life to art-tech hybrids.
Currently Studio Antimateria has three members in addition to the founders:
Mattia Nuovo – sound design, live electronics and audio coding
Marco Usuelli – video production and exhibitions
Alberto Crippa – software programming